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Are you struggling to win in Clash of Clans battles? Whether you're looking to build a formidable or a solid Townhall Base for 2023, our expert guide has got you covered. With our pro-level strategies, winning tips, and expertly designed layouts, you'll be able to dominate the competition and climb the ranks in no time. Discover the secrets to maximizing your trophies and defending against even the toughest opponents. Start building your ultimate Townhall base today!

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The best th base layouts of 2023.

The biggest updated list for th coc bases including war, trophy and farm filters for wars, league promotion and gathering materials respectively.
We're working on updating the bases repository and adding new layouts with links so you may copy them! Links are not currently available in many Base Layouts, but we are working on it.

How to change th base in clash of clans?

You can easily find the perfect town hall base of your choice from the list and simply click the link button where a new window of clash of clans website will open. Then you click "i have clash of clans" where it will open the clash of clans game app and your base will load.

Are the links for clash of clans safe?

They are completely safe. The links are taken from the game and they only work if you have the game app installed, and all it does is simply copy the base layout directly into the game.

Best Strategies for Town Hall in Clash of Clans

Now that you have the perfect base layout for your town hall , it's time to think about your attack strategies. Depending on your goals, different strategies may be more effective. For example, if you're focused on gaining resources, you may want to prioritize farming attacks, while if you're in a clan war, you'll need a strong attack to take down the enemy's base.

One popular farming strategy is the Goblin Knife, which uses a combination of Goblins and Jump Spells to quickly take down resource-rich bases. Alternatively, you could try Barch (Barbarians and Archers), a simple but effective strategy for quickly taking down weaker bases.

If you're in a clan war, you'll need a more sophisticated attack strategy. One popular option is the Queen Charge Lavaloon, which uses the Archer Queen and Balloons to take down key defenses and allow the Lava Hounds to sweep in and do major damage. Other popular clan war strategies include the GoWiPe (Golems, Wizards, and Pekkas) and the Hog Rider Attack.

Tips for Defending Your Town Hall Base

Of course, even the best attack strategies won't help you win if your base is vulnerable to attack. To defend your town hall base, consider the following tips:

  • Place your most important defenses (such as the Inferno Tower and the Eagle Artillery) near the center of your base, where they will be harder to reach.
  • Use a mix of defenses (including traps, walls, and heroes) to create a layered defense that is difficult to penetrate.
  • Consider the pathing of attacking troops and place your defenses accordingly. For example, if most attacks come from the south, you may want to prioritize defenses on that side of your base.
  • Regularly upgrade your defenses to keep pace with stronger attacking troops.


With the right town hall base layout and attack strategies, you can dominate the competition in Clash of Clans. Whether you're focused on farming resources, winning clan wars, or simply defending your base, there's a strategy out there that will work for you.